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Sweat N' Shake Gift Pack

As low as $1200.00



For everyday energy essentials, the Sweat N' Shake Gift Pack is the perfect choice for corporate gifting this summer. Empower your exercise game this season and discover premium branded products to energise your clients branding. Sweat it out and cool off with a microfibre Sports Towel, designed to keep your temperature in check under the summer sun. Then, revitalise with a protein shake from our 3 in 1 Shaker Cup, featuring compartments for powder, supplements, and mixing. Give us a call today to learn more!PACK INCLUDESJ015 Sports TowelS624 3 in 1 Shaker Cup Details
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Adventurer Travel Gift Pack

As low as $1911.00



For the everyday executive turned adventurer! The Adventurer Travel Gift Pack holds all the essentials for any outdoor holiday or outside the box travel experiences. With a highly versatile and compact Survival Band, you can cut ropes, navigate terrain and look incredible while doing so. Other branded promotional products in the pack include the eco friendly Bambu Toothbrush made from recycled bamboo material, a Survival Stylus with all the features that you'd need to survival in the thickest of natural environments, a compact Sorento Water Pouch, an Insulated Snack Time Bag and a Rio Grande Recylced Notebook for documenting your encounters in the wild. This fun and unique personalised gift is sure to leave a lasting impression for any valued client or business partner. Get in touch with is today to learn more!PACK INCLUDESH904 Survival BandH398 Bambu ToothbrushT694 Survival StylusS816 Sorento Water PouchRB1034 Snack-Time Cooler BagT927 The Rio Grande Recycled Notebook Details