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Hand Sanitizer 60ml in Silicone Case

As low as $1.63



Hand Sanitiser Gel 60ml containing 80% ethanol. Packed in a handy clear container with a flip top cap and silicone case that easily attaches to bags or lanyards. All instructions and ingredients on the back. Silicone case not suitable for printing. Details
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Reed Reuseable Cotton Face Mask

As low as $1.70



Two-layered face mask. Outer layer single jersey knit of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane, 150gsm. Inner lining single jersey knit of 95% Rayon and 5% Elastane, 195gsm. Gently washable at 60 degrees.This product is not suitable for medical use and does not protect against infections. Details
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Viroblock Reuseable Face Mask

As low as $3.37



The Viroblock Face Mask has been manufactured with Swiss HeiQ Viroblock technology which is proven effective against germs in the laboratory tests. This reusable Face Mask is an innovative design ensuring maximum fresh air flow through 2 layers of kill-trap-kill technology the Viroblock Face Masks provide protection and comfort. Details
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Body Tape Measure

As low as $4.58



Great gym accessory with built in BMI calculator in a white PVC case. 1.5M tape length Details
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First Aid Kit

As low as $13.80



Supplied in a black PU zip case, this first aid kit is easy to keep handy for any occasion. Details
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Hygiene Key

As low as $4.07



A simple but effective hygiene tool that allows the user to open doors and push buttons without any direct contact with hands. Manufactured from strengthened materials for extra durability. This product contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology that provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms for the lifetime of the product. Supplied as a keychain. 98% ABS Plastic and 2% Antibacterial additive. Details